16 Jan 2017, 13:23

Background checks not entirely free


You don’t need it to be free if you would like to find out what public records will show. Since members rather than advertising entirely supports our service, you are aware that you’re getting the backgroundrecords.org each single time you log in.

The sole means we’re able to buy bandwidth, hosting, web site development, information collecting, as well as other expenses is through ads, or to our members.

A public records service which takes cash from a different firm might be forced to “clean up” its records to make that businessʼs owners or employees look better. Our 100% member-supported website means that we’ll consistently be 100% committed to our members.

The Freedom of Information Act is a national law that gives the public access to federal agency records, with a few exclusions. Because the passage of the FOIA in 1966, most states have followed suit and passed similar laws mandating that members of the overall people have access at the same time.