23 Jun 2017, 13:23

Teeter Inversion Tables


This maker of several high quality apparatus also covers all these having a shocking 5 year guarantee. That is unusual not just for inversion tables but for other appliances produced in this era. Similar to most of the other Teeter Hang Ups devices those possess a UL mark that establishes their security and durability for users around 300 lbs.

Because both of these tables were created from earlier versions, they are generally in comparison for their precursors, the Teeter EP-550 and EP-560.

So, what exactly are the gaps between the Teeter EP-950 as well as the Teeter EP-960? Let us have a look.

Since nothing was altered with the rear rests of this EP-950 and EP-960, the principal differences, benefits and also the one little drawback between both models remain the same.

Its leading frame crossbar is to a level movable, allowing the upper, elastic plastic department to stick to the user allowing them to carry out a much bigger assortment of spins for extra stretching.

The rear remainder of the EP-960, known as the “Comfort Track” isn’t quite as elastic as the one explained previously. Rather it’s fitted using inversion grips at the head region which could be utilised to stretch the screw by pulling it with one’s hand. Because of its particular structure featuring parallel slots in the region of the lower spine, the “Comfort Track” may be equipped with a lumbar bridge, that offers exceptional stretching to the very vulnerable region of the spine. The lumbar bridge will, naturally, have to be removed when the user would like to execute inverted core strengthening exercises. Additionally, foam nodes may also be fitted to the bed’s small gaps for the stimulus of muscles. It ought to be noted that these may also be somewhat annoying when exercising.

All those back breaks possess a small, removable cushion that is attached using a Velcro strip. Sound and quite sturdy stands support both versions. Four big stabilizers put in each one of the leg corners create these tables really secure, particularly when in comparison to the little plastic sheets used on another inversion tables. The rear U-Frame bottom bar of this Teeter EP-960 is curved upwards; while it might be recommended as a help for extra stretching, it feels like the more likely to be helpful for getting from this “lock out” place while in complete inversion. Apart from this, the unwanted or “Assist Handles”, are far briefer on the Teeter EP-950 however they do have more than molded plastic so that they are quite familiar to the touchscreen, read more inversion table reviews!